Gaming Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Where does SEO come in?

The biggest challenge for a game designer is to get a loyal player base. With so many games on the market, it can be tough to get enough players interested to let the game survive. Here's where gaming SEO makes its mark. Search engine optimization is the practice of designing a website or page such that it is easy for a search engine (like Google, Yahoo, etc...) to find the page, determine the page's target audience, index the page content, and list it in search engine result pages (aka SERPs, the list you get when you click "search" on a search engine) By correctly formatting the page, and presenting the information, SEO can make a world of difference to the game's designer. When SEO is coupled with useful information about the game, gameplay, and player tips, it will attract organic links to the website. Organic links are "natural" links that are unpaid advertisements, usually posted in forums, or other websites by someone pointing other readers to their source of information.

SEO companies


SEO Companies

Gaming is a big market

Video gaming is a very large market worldwide. The concept of being able to play a game of poker or a virtual board game with a friend or stranger on another content is still relatively new. Within the last ten years the multiplayer gaming market has grown exponentially in size. Just over fifteen years ago, the concept was limited to simple text or ascii-based games with limited player interaction. Now, it's possible to join dozens or hundreds of players in a single game and talk to them while you complete a game's quest.

How do gaming SEO companies make money?

You'll see different gaming SEO companies listed on this page. They market their search optimization skills to game designers, usually on a performance-based scale. They guarantee results or the game producer doesn't pay. The best gaming SEO companies are very good at what they do and won't tell you how they produce such results to protect their trade secrets.


How can I make money in SEO?

Find a reputable gaming SEO company and watch for positions to open up. Some don't advertise their open positions, so you may need to contact them to find out their hiring practices. Look for free SEO information online, register yourself a website and practice, practice, practice! Offer local companies (whether gaming-related or not) free assistance with their website, get a set of sites under your belt and offer your services to others.